Talaat Captan

Don’t Smoke On Air. Talaat Captan Has Some Valuable Tips For You

Recently, there was a news appearing on television and other media’s regarding a man who was prohibited from flying to Indonesia after he was caught smoking while boarding the plane. As we all know that there are certain rules which needs to be followed while travelling on air. It includes wearing a seat belt during take-off and landing and no smoking anytime during the flight, which also includes the lavatories. United States was the first country that banned smoking on domestic flights, which had over six hours of total duration, 28 years ago.

What Talaat Captan Realized After That Fateful Flight?

Generally flights takes long hours to reach one particular destination. However, it is quite understandable that people who are very much addicted to smoking, find it very difficult to control themselves in this kind of situation. Neither they can break the rules nor they can leave the flight. The fate of the passengers was very well understood by Talaat Captan, the renowned celebrity and philanthropist, who has over thirty-years of professional experience in film industry. I am sure you must have heard about Talaat Captan Air Hollywood,right? One day, he was travelling by air and he had a good friend as his co-passenger for company. His friend was a chain smoker. At that point of time Talaat Captan understood how difficult it can be for a smoker to live without a cigar.

Stop Smoking Program

Seeing the sorry plight of his fellow passengers, Talaat Captan Air Hollywood, introduced a professional course namely Stop Smoking Program. If you are truly addicted to smoking and can’t live without travelling, you are suggested to enroll into this program. By applying into this program, Talaat Captan and his men will assist you to learn the means and methods to avoid cigars for a long period of time. The fees set by Talaat Captan Air Hollywood is within your reach and once enrolled you will surely be gaining from this effective program. Here are some excellent suggestions which can help you.

  • Buy nicotine inhalers and nicotine patches. Nicotine can enable people to stay away from cigars. Nicotine can be useful as it is used for helping patient suffering from tobacco use disorder. Nicotine is used as a means to help people withdraw cigars.
  • Alcohol is believed to increase the cravings for smoking inside a plane. It is suggested not to use or consume alcohol, before taking a flight. Many smokers say that alcohol acts as a trigger which makes them smoke more. So, stay away from alcohol, while travelling via Talaat Captan Air Hollywood.
  • Don’t forget to carry some packets of snacks or other delicacies with you while travelling, as this will prevent you from getting hungry.
  • There can’t be anything more refreshing than taking a strong power nap. It will refresh your mind and soul. A short nap can always act as a stress buster.
  • Just like students feel the pressure before exams, smokers also do the same while they take a flight. Talaat Captan suggests that it is not at all a wise thing to put yourself on stress unnecessarily. Most people think too much of the situation and eventually get into trouble.
  • While travelling on a plane, try distracting yourself. This is the best method to stay away from cigars. While Talaat Captan was traveling with his fellow smoker friend, he was always trying to distract his friend by talking about different topics, cracking jokes and so on. Nowadays, you have so many options. Take out your mobile. Watch a movie, read an article, read books, talk to your co-passengers, taste the food, play crossword puzzle and so on.

I am sure by following these above mentioned lists, you can enjoy your long flight and at the same time successfully encounter the demons of smoking urge within yourself. Before you get ready for your next flight, we have a small request to everyone. This message is a little personal, We all know that smoking can be highly detrimental to your body. It results in serious complications in future. So, guys if you are into smoking, try to quit it as soon as possible. If you are unable to do it right now, do it slowly. Kindly join the illustrious Talaat Captan Air Hollywood programme which will guide you thoroughly on how to control your smoking urge inside the aeroplane. The fees are quite affordable and once you join the program, you will understand that Talaat Captan has a lot to offer you.